• 12/2010 Small published our article entitled "Receptor-Mediated Interactions between Colloidal Gold Nanoparticles and Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells"

  • 11/2010 Dorota Bartczak received her PhD degree

  • 10/2010 Ms. Agathi Christofidou joined the group for postgraduate studies

  • 09/2010 The group is now on Twitter with the login name "nanogroup07"

  • 09/2010 Antonios was awarded a 12k Royal Society International Joint Project grant in collaboration with Prof. Liberato Manna
    in the Italian Institute of Technology, Genoa. This budget will allow bilateral visits to conduct a 2 year research project.
    The title of the project is "Advanced and cost-effective nanomaterials for energy conversion".

  • 09/2010 Our group participates in a collaborative project, with the Muskens (Physics) and Elliot (Medicine) groups, that won the first poster prize at the prestigious
    Photon10 event. The poster was entitled "Spatial Modulation Microscopy for Bio-Imaging".

  • 09/2010 Antonios will give a presentation at the NANO2010 international conference in Rome

  • 08/2010 Three new publications from the group are now online-click on the 'Selected Publications' tab

  • 07/2010 A multidisciplinary grant was awarded to perform cutting edge research at the life sciences interface. For more info see the School's site

  • 06/2010 A recent publication of our group was posted in Nanotechnology news. For more information see the link

  • 06/2010 Ms.Sabine Abb, a third year undergraduate student from the University of Tubingen, Germany, will join the group from 1st of July -30th of September for a training placement

  • 05/2010 Antonios Kanaras was appointed visiting professor at the Foundation of Research and Technology (FORTH) in Greece

  • Antonios will visit the Nanotechnology facilities at the Greek Institute and engage in establishment of new collaborations

  • 04/2010 Bartczak and Kanaras will present recent group research results at the NanaX4 conference in Munich

  • 04/2010 Rute Fernandes, a 1st year PhD student, will attend the summer nanotechnology school at Oxford

  • 03/2010 Dorota Bartczak won a PhD plus fellowship awarded by the University of Southampton.

  • 9/03/2010 The group wins the Mendel medal in Biological and Biomedical Sciences at the SET for BRITAIN 2010 event.

    Ms. Dorota Bartczak, a 3rd year PhD student in our group, won the Mendel medal at a poster presentation for our work entitled "Cellular Functions Controlled by Nanoparticles".
    For more details click here School's site and here University's site