• 12/2014 The group wishes Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and peace in the world

  • 12/2014 The group congratulates Dr Amelie Heuer Jungemann for obtaining her PhD.

  • 11/2014 Group research in the news

  • 10/2014 The group congratulates Dr Rute Fernandes for obtaining her PhD.

  • 9/2014 Amelie Heuer Jungemann presented a poster at Faraday Discussions meeting in Bristol.

  • 9/2014 Antonios gave an invited talk in e-mrs Fall meeting

  • 9/2014 The paper "Elastic Constants, Viscosity and Response Time in Nematic Liquid Crystals Doped with Ferroelectric Nanoparticles" was accepted in RSc Advances

  • 8/2014 Our paper "Interactions of Skin with Gold Nanoparticles of Different Surface Charge, Shape and Functionality." was accepted in Small

  • 7/2014 Amelie Heuer Jungemann gave an invited talk was given at the UK colloids 2014 conference

  • 6/2014 The paper "Assembly of quantum dots on peptide nanostructures and their spectroscopic properties" was accepted for publication in Applied Physics A.

  • 5/2014 Amelie, Pascal and Antonios gave talks and presented posters at the emrs spring 2014

  • 4/2014 Amelie Heuer Jungemann gave an invited talk at Catania, Italy

  • 3/2014 Amelie Heuer Jungemann represented our group at the set for Britain prestigious scientific event
    and won the silver medal in Biological and Biomedical Sciences in UK. This is the second medal that comes in
    our research team. The first one (a gold medal) was in 2010 with Dorota Batczak.

  • 2/2014 Antonios gave a talk at MP1005 cost action meeting in Berlin

  • 2/2014 Antonios gave an invited talk at Photonics West 2014 in San Francisco

  • 1/2014 The review paper "Interaction of stable colloidal nanoparticles with cellular membranes" has been accepted for publication