• 12/2017 The paper "Spectroscopic and Hydrodynamic Characterisation of DNA-Linked Gold Nanoparticle Dimers in Solution using Two-Photon Photoluminescence" was accepted in ChemPhysChem.

  • 11/2017 The paper "Potentiating angiogenesis arrest in vivo via laser irradiation of peptide functionalised gold nanoparticles" has been accepted for publication to Journal of Nanobiotechnology.

  • 10/2017 The group welcomes a new PhD student, Ms. Konstantina Alexaki.

  • 9/2017 Antonios organized a symposium on nanoparticles at the Euromat 2017 international conference.

  • 8/2017 Antonios is giving several talks in Beijing (international conference and institutions) about the latest research of the group.

  • 7/2017 Davide Giust gave a talk at the international conference UK Colloids 2017.

  • 6/2017 The paper "The sedimentation of Colloidal Nanoparticles in Solution and Its Study Using Quantitative Digital Photography" has been accepted for publication to Particle &Particle Systems Characterization

  • 5/2017 The paper "Giant Bandgap Renormalization and Exciton-Phonon Scattering in Perovskite Nanocrystals" has been accepted for publication to Advanced Optical Materials

  • 4/2017 Antonios gave an invited talk at ACS 2017 spring meeting

  • 3/2017 The group welcomes funding from BBSRC.

  • 3/2017 The group welcomes Dr Maria Isabel Benito Lucio.

  • 2/2017 Antonios gave an invited talk at the SPIE photonics West 2017 confernce

  • 1/2017 Our paper "Graphene oxide-upconversion nanoparticle based optical sensors for targeted detection of mRNA biomarkers present in Alzheimer’s disease and prostate cancer" was published in ACS Sensors.