Functional Nanomaterials and Applications Lab


External People

Collaborators-University of Southampton:

  • Prof. Richard Oreffo (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Prof. Myron Christodoulides (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Prof. Xunli Zhang (Bioengineering)
  • Dr Mike Ardens-Jones (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Dr Iris Nandhakumar (School of Chemistry)
  • Dr Eugen Stulz (School of Chemistry)
  • Dr Tracey Newman (Faculty of Medicine, Institute for Life Sciences)
  • Dr Malgosia Kaczmarek (School of Physics and Astronomy)
  • Prof. Otto Muskens (School of Physics and Astronomy)
  • Prof. Pavlos Lagoudakis (School of Physics and Astronomy)
  • Dr Tim Millar (Faculty of Medicine)