Safety Message

  • It is essential that everyone works in the laboratory wears goggles, labcoat and gloves. Before to initiate an experiment you must fill a risk assessment and a COSHH form regarding your experiment. You must be fully aware of the nature of the hazards that you use for your experiments, and how to dispose of them. These rules are for your own safety and no-one will be alowed to work in the lab if they do not follow them.

  • A safety message regarding the use of peroxidizable chemicals
  • Why

    Peroxides tend to explode violently and cause serious injury or death to researchers. Under normal storage conditions, formed peroxides can accumulate in some chemicals and may explode when subjected to heat, friction or shock. It is important that all researchers learn to recognize and safely handle peroxidizable chemicals.


    Ethers are the most notorious peroxide formers, many other organic materials, such as acetals, allyic alkenes, dienes ... are peroxidizable chemicals (see attached document for classified 4 lists of 180 chemicals).


    Peroxides tend to form in chemicals as a function of age. Therefore, it is important that the user maintain a storage-record of the peroxidizable chemicals (date received, date opened, expiration and testing date). By the expiration date (24 hours to 18 months, see below), the chemicals should be either disposed or tested. Any chemicals with a peroxide content > 100 ppm should be disposed.

    What to do

    1) Check the link to see if you are using peroxidizable chemicals. 2) For all new purchased peroxidizable chemicals, the owner has the responsibility to put the storage-record label on the container. 3) If you find an old peroxidizable chemicals in the lab, do not move it, contact Dr. David Kinninson and Antonios.

    Limited Shelf Life

    Unopened chemicals from the manufacture --- 18 months

    Opened containers

    List A materials --- 3 months

    List B materials --- 12 months

    List C materials, uninhibited --- 24 hours

    List C materials, inhibited --- 12 months

    List D materials --- 12 months


  • A safety message regarding the Schlenk line
  • At the following pdf file you will find safety information regarding the Schlenk line. Please read this carefully prior to write your risk assessment and use the line.

    What to be careful with when you use a Schlenk line